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It is important to maintain the parking lot of your business property. Whether you operate an apartment community or retail center, well-maintained parking adds curb appeal and minimizes the risk of accidental injuries. Lee’s Summit Asphalt specializes in commercial asphalt services. 

We proudly serve all properties throughout Lee’s Summit, Missouri, Raymore, Missouri, Pleasant Hill, Missouri, Raytown, Missouri, and Blue Springs, Missouri. We have several years of experience providing asphalt solutions to some of the most notable malls, schools, hospitals, and industrial facilities. When your parking lot or driveway needs replacement or resurfacing, we have the equipment and trained staff to minimize the cost and inconvenience of replacing your park.

Taking Care of All Your Commercial Asphalt Needs

We serve the following commercial properties:

Parking Lots

First impressions can make or break a sale so the look of your parking lot is important. Whether you need a new parking lot or repair an existing one to look new, our team has the answer. We can provide you with solutions that fit your specific needs.


If you are constructing a new neighborhood, Lee’s Summit Asphalt cannot only install the driveways but we can build the roads and community spaces. We start by examining the existing base and then installing base coat, wearing a coat, or both, to create a beautiful asphalt surface.

Pothole Repair and Patching

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your parking lot, call us to examine the failed areas and correct them appropriately. Not only are potholes a safety, if neglected, but they can also lead to larger asphalt issues. You don’t have to wait until it’s too late because we can repair and patch them today.

Sports Courts and Running Tracks

Lee’s Summit Asphalt has the knowledge and ability to install or resurface any basketball court, tennis court, or running track. Our experts are happy to discuss the options with you.


Milling is a process that removes a layer of the existing asphalt surface to remove the failed areas and replace it with a layer of new asphalt on top of the milled surface. It is a more efficient and economical way to repair damages in the parking lot without resurfacing the entire area.

What are the Benefits of Our Commercial Asphalt Installation?

You commonly see asphalt on the streets, in parking lots, and even at home. As common as it may seem, asphalt has several benefits for commercial properties that will save your business time, money, and hassle.

Saves Money in the Long Run

Asphalt is an investment. Whether you’re patching a damaged portion of the road or resurfacing and starting from the ground up with new pavement, your asphalt has a long lifespan.

Proper drainage and proper installation of the sub-base are key for a sustained asphalt investment. Our team will also assess compaction and grading of the ground on which the asphalt will be installed to search for any soft spots before laying the pavement. When you choose us, your asphalt will stand the test of time on your commercial property or roadway, saving on frequent maintenance.

Improves Drainage Systems

Proper drainage is the key to lasting asphalt pavement. When we assess your property for asphalt installation, we can make recommendations to better the drainage of your property to ensure that it is properly leveled, sloped, and paved to the highest standard.

Proper drainage means less standing water and puddles that can be a nuisance for motorists and detriments to your pavement’s lifespan. Standing water can break down and compromise the asphalt surface, leading to cracks and even potholes. Our asphalt experts can ensure that unwanted water will drain easily.

Flexibility Extends Lifespan and Improves Ease of Repairs

Asphalt is the premier substance for parking lot and roadway paving. While concrete is commonly used in highways, drive-throughs, and more, asphalt is a more flexible material and has many more benefits in comparison. 

Asphalt can move and bend with the shifting of the earth and the weight of cars and trucks. This means that fewer cracks and damage can happen when it is installed properly. 

Cracks can occur due to freezing, water, plant growth, and more. However, the nature of asphalt makes it easier to repair those small inconveniences. 

Quick Installation Saves You Time

The asphalt laying process is simple. Our professionals will assess your needs to determine the kind of asphalt paving process needed for your project, including the amount of expected traffic, the environment the asphalt will be laid in, and more.

On a warm, clear day, your asphalt paving project can be completed quickly with minimal disturbance to your customers, clients, and motorists. 

Dependable Quality Commercial Asphalt Services

Aside from needing some parking and roadway entry, businesses also depend on heavy delivery trucks and heavy commercial equipment for their daily operations. If the asphalt wasn’t built to handle the heavy load, the stress of the vehicles can start to crumble the asphalt.

Even if the asphalt was properly constructed, it will eventually age and water drainage problems can start to develop. Then, the weight of commercial equipment can worsen the problem. Staying on top of the asphalt repairs and seal coating applications throughout the years will go a long way to protecting the asphalt parking lot and roadways.

If problems have been developing, it’s essential to handle the asphalt repair soon and correctly. Likewise, the initial construction should always be done correctly or problems will quickly develop.

For quality commercial asphalt services, you can trust right the first time, call the experienced professionals from Lee’s Summit Asphalt.

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