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When you’re working on a huge project, using the correct and most durable materials from the beginning can mean all the difference between a weak and strong structure. After doing some research, you may conclude that asphalt and concrete are the best choices for your needs and budget. However, it may be tough to come to a final decision.

Lee’s Summit Asphalt is here to make you the right choice. We offer asphalt installation and other asphalt-related services. We proudly serve all properties throughout Lee’s Summit, Missouri, Raymore, Missouri, Pleasant Hill, Missouri, Raytown, Missouri, and Blue Springs, Missouri.

High-Quality Asphalt Installation Services in Lee’s Summit, Missouri

Lee’s Summit Asphalt has been the top choice for reliable asphalt installation services in Missouri. Our years of experience have allowed us to perfect the process of asphalt installation. Our team can help you beautify your residential or commercial property with a smooth asphalt surface on your driveway. 

When you leave your surfaces chipped or cracked, it can create an unfavorable first impression and negatively impact your property value. Let Lee’s Summit Asphalt help you increase your curb appeal with new asphalt installation.

What is Asphalt and Its Benefits?

Asphalt is a material that you commonly see when you’re outside. It is made up of semi-solid petroleum and is a sticky black substance when poured out. It then cools off and solidifies to become what you see on many roads.

Below are some of the benefits of asphalt.


Asphalt pavements provide high-skid resistance and offer high contrast in color between asphalt pavement and road markers. This gives drivers better road visibility in any weather condition. The dark color of asphalt is unharmed by ice and snow chemicals and reduces glare and melts ice and snow more rapidly than other pavement types. 

Open-graded asphalt, a special type of road surface, can minimize splash and spray during rainstorms and reduce crashes and fatalities on highways. Asphalt also eliminates potentially dangerous and expensive pavement blowups.


Asphalt pavements provide a more uniform surface unmatched by other pavements. When the roads are smooth, they are safer. Rough, uneven roads can increase driver’s fatigue and diminish control. 

Smooth asphalt roads also reduce rolling resistance between tires and pavement. This results in better fuel economy and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. Smooth roads allow superior contact with vehicle tires for a safer and more enjoyable ride.


Roadway noise is a distraction in your car and at home. Asphalt roads can lessen highway noise. It can also reduce the need for costly and unsightly sound barriers.

Traveler and Business-Friendly

Asphalt roads do not require curing time or extensive site preparation. Traffic is allowed as soon as the rollers are finished. They can be paved just a lane at a time, minimizing disruption to citizens and reducing congestion through speedy construction processes. 

Asphalt installation can often be completed in one day, even overnight, leaving routes open for travelers and providing street access for stores and businesses.


Several hours are spent designing aesthetically-pleasing infrastructure and great curb appeal starts with asphalt pavement. A new road is an investment in the appearance of the community and the safety of people.

Asphalt pavements have no built-in, unsightly cracks. They blend in easily and enhance the natural surroundings.


Asphalt pavements have long lives. All asphalt pavements have a bridging action and are flexible, which means they can withstand occasional overloads without serious damage. 

They can be designed to work on any traffic conditions, soil, and materials. Asphalt only needs periodic maintenance to remain in good shape for a long time.

Best Investment

The benefits of asphalt simply add up to superior value. Asphalt is safe, smooth, and durable. It can be built to be an everlasting perpetual pavement. 

Asphalt is fast to construct and considered the best investment. It is 100% recyclable and new technologies are making asphalt the only sustainable pavement choice.

Why Choose Asphalt Over Concrete?

Choosing between asphalt and concrete may not always be easy to figure out. However, asphalt is ideal for use in Lee’s Summit, Missouri because it flexes and can handle temperature changes very well.

Concrete can face issues with cracking in harsh winter environments. Asphalt can hold up just as well as concrete when put down the right way and can prove to be the affordable option. 

While asphalt typically needs more maintenance than concrete, it is often easier to repair than concrete. Cracks and holes can be patched and sealed at an affordable price and appear less obvious than concrete patching.

Dedicated to Offering You Top-Notch Service

Lee’s Summit offers a wide-range of asphalt-related services. However, the most important thing to us is that we offer you the right service. That’s why we start every project by surveying your project carefully to determine existing conditions, expected use, wear-and-tear, drainage, and many more.

Once we understand your specific needs, we’ll tailor a solution to meet your needs and budget. That’s what we mean by customized service. When you choose Lee’s Summit Asphalt, you always get the right surface.

Proper installation and maintenance should be left to the experts. While working on your next paving project, consider Lee’s Summit Asphalt to help fulfill all your residential and commercial needs. Our team will work with you each step of the way to make sure your project is a success.

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