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    When your driveways and parking lots in Raytown, Missouri have issues, you need a professional to handle the job for you. Let Lee’s Summit Asphalt provide your asphalt paving needs. We are a full-service asphalt pavement company providing high-quality asphalt services at the most reasonable prices.

    We proudly serve all properties throughout Raytown, Missouri, and the surrounding areas. We commit ourselves to provide quality and long-lasting asphalt paving projects. Our experts oversee every aspect of our projects with a critical eye to provide only the best results for you.

    The Advantages of Asphalt

    When choosing a material for your residential or commercial surfacing project, you want to go with the one that will give you the most long-term value. The professionals at Lee’s Summit Asphalt say asphalt pavement is a superior material suited for a wide variety of projects.

    Below are some of the advantages of asphalt paving:


    Concrete cannot compete with asphalt’s low life cycle cost. Not only is it faster and more affordable than concrete installation, but it is also much less expensive to repair.


    Asphalt is extremely durable and will last for decades if it is built and maintained well. Well-built roads and driveways should last at least 15 to 20 years before needing major reconstruction.


    Asphalt offers several safety features. It can be formulated to prevent skidding, promote water drainage, and protect drivers during inclement weather conditions. Furthermore, since asphalt roads are quieter than concrete ones, they help prevent driver fatigue.


    Asphalt is not just for roads and driveways. It is also used in various residential and commercial construction projects, including running tracks, athletic courts, and more.


    Asphalt is 100% recyclable and one of the most recycled products within the United States. Old pavement can be removed, crushed, and mixed with fresh asphalt for reuse in future paving projects, reducing its impact on the environment.

    Ease of Maintenance

    Asphalt is quick and easy to repair. When you maintain cracks and reseal roads, driveway, and highways regularly, major degradation can be delayed. Even when major degradation happens, asphalt can be re-laid easily.

    Seasoned Asphalt Paving Contractors

    Lee’s Summit Asphalt provides asphalt pavement solutions at competitive prices. We are an asphalt contractor committed to serving both residential and commercial properties in Raytown, Missouri. We leverage the latest paving technologies, yielding parking lots, sidewalks, and roads that are smooth, safe, and reliable.

    We provide services like asphalt seal coating, asphalt milling, asphalt installation, and more. Our team of pavement and asphalt contractors focuses on commitment and consultation throughout the entire project. We use methods that ensure completion on-time and within budget.

    Commercial Asphalt Services You Can Trust

    Retail operations rely on smooth, stable, and efficient parking lots so that their customers not only have ease-of-access but also leave a great impression for their return shopping trip. Lee’s Summit Asphalt works directly with retail businesses to perform asphalt maintenance, repairs, and construction according to their customer’s operational needs.

    From big box stores to large shopping malls, we’re setting the bar high in pavement technologies that achieve significant ROI for our retail customers. 

    Parking Lot and Sidewalk Asphalt Paving

    Lee’s Summit Asphalt has offered comprehensive parking lot paving, repairs, and maintenance for a wide range of industries. We continue to build our reputation for quality workmanship. 

    We have the resources and reach to perform pavement contracting services across Missouri. By combining affordable pricing with the latest paving technologies, we’ve quickly grown to become a leading, go-to parking lot contractor in Raytown, Missouri.

    When your asphalt needs repairs, overhauls, maintenance, or new construction, we can handle any size and shape of properties.

    Lee’s Summit Asphalt has developed reliable, state-of-the-art methods for parking lots at a competitive price, ensuring long-lasting asphalt and concrete surfaces for various businesses and organizations. From simple crack and joint sealing to live, multi-level retail operations, we can execute our services without risk to business downtime.

    We have served commercial customers across an array of industries and multi-family construction projects, industrial projects, and other public and private institutions.

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    Lee’s Summit Asphalt serves beyond paving services and asphalt services. Unlike other asphalt paving companies, we manage every aspect of the project lifecycle. We have several years of experience in asphalt paving services.

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