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    If you want to improve the appearance and safety of your asphalt pavement, it could be time to consider asphalt maintenance and repairs. At Lee’s Summit Asphalt, you and your surfacing needs are our top priority. We work directly with each client to ascertain their needs and take every step to ensure we deliver exceptional results.

    We proudly serve all properties throughout Raymore, Missouri. Residential and commercial property owners call us when they need a proven asphalt service company. We specialize in asphalt services, including seal coating, repair, and milling.

    Whether your parking lot needs asphalt overlay or you want to use asphalt milling for your driveway, you can count on our experts to get the job done. Whether your asphalt project is big or small, your surface will come out looking stellar.

    Major Signs that Your Asphalt Needs to Be Replaced

    When was the last time you had your driveway paved? At Lee’s Summit Asphalt, our professionals have been in the business for many years. We serve both residential and commercial properties throughout Raymore, Missouri.

    Some of the signs that your asphalt pavement needs replacement are the following:

    There are several potholes. 

    Potholes are caused when water freezes underneath your pavement and creates an upward pressure. This causes the asphalt to crack. You can choose to get short-term pothole repair done, but it won’t be a sustainable option for the future. 

    When you see potholes appearing in your asphalt pavement, call our technicians and replace them to avoid accidents or other inconveniences. 

    The pavement is discolored.

    Asphalt pavements ideally should be black. However, with time and due to exposure to sun and rain, the color tends to fade. The harmful UV rays of the sun will make your asphalt paving more vulnerable to cracks.

    Therefore, if you notice your asphalt pavement is losing its color, call us for repair or replacement.

    There are cracks in the pavement.

    When the pavement starts resembling the scales of an alligator, it is called “alligatoring.” A cracking pavement is a major sign of degrading asphalt. The cracks might appear insignificant at first, but they will become a huge problem eventually.

    This scenario usually happens more often in parking lots. The main cause of cracking is water seeping into the foundation and can lead to structural damage to your pavement. It is best to get it replaced to avoid problems.

    Crumbling Edges

    Parking lots and roads are secured at the edges with concrete. Over time, these edges can disintegrate and break off, leaving debris on the streets. This can affect the asphalt and you might need to repair or replace it.

    Types of Asphalt Repair We Provide

    Lee’s Summit Asphalt offers the following types of asphalt repairs.

    Asphalt Overlays

    Asphalt overlays are an excellent investment for businesses that have aging asphalt pavement that is still structurally sound. The process of asphalt overlay is simple. A new layer of asphalt is applied directly over an existing asphalt surface.

    If the structural state of the asphalt is no longer strong, we recommend asphalt milling. Asphalt milling is done by removing the problematic layers before asphalt paving. Call us if you are unsure if asphalt milling is necessary for your property.

    Asphalt Sealcoating

    Asphalt seal coating is an essential element that is recommended by most asphalt paving contractors. The seal coating is applied on the asphalt surface, creating a protective layer that keeps out harmful elements, such as water, oil, and gas.

    Seal coating also protects your asphalt from UV rays, which is another element known to weaken asphalt surfaces. A fresh coat of seal coating can make the pavement look new again, increasing its appearance while adding to its overall longevity.

    Why Choose Lee’s Summit Asphalt?

    Lee’s Summit Asphalt is a full-service asphalt paving and maintenance company. We can handle everything, including parking lots, private roads, and residential driveways. 

    Let us help you resurface or repave your existing asphalt with new hot mix asphalt, which includes overlaying with or without leveling after a professional assessment. It may also include stripping the old asphalt and reworking the base before the overlay.

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    When you need professional asphalt paving contractors in Raymore, Missouri, keep us in mind. We have years of experience providing residential and commercial asphalt services.

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