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    While many people don’t give a second thought about the roads and driveways, they use every day, we at Lee’s Summit Asphalt understand their importance. We have been honing our skills and expertise to provide our Lee’s Summit, Missouri customers with the best asphalt paving services.

    Lee’s Summit Asphalt gives you the quality, dependability, and strength of a national company with the attention, availability, and customer service of a local partner. We are the leading asphalt company in Lee’s Summit, Missouri that provides customers an unmatched asphalt experience. 

    We use the highest-quality materials, providing cost-effective solutions, while our experienced team always set out to meet and exceed expectations whatever the challenges are. This made us the most preferred asphalt service company in the area.

    Why Choose Asphalt?

    There are several reasons why asphalt pavement has become the preferred choice of road pavement material. Most roads are constructed in layers, with each layer playing a part in delivering the best infrastructure possible. When asphalt pavement is used it brings numerous benefits that all can enjoy.

    Perpetual Pavement

    Asphalt pavements are perpetual and can last forever when designed properly. Routine maintenance is vital for anything that is used regularly. The roads are no exception.

    By choosing asphalt, the maintenance can be done quickly with minimal traffic disruption. Using asphalt on the roads can significantly improve the ride quality and fuel consumption of vehicles traveling these roads and contribute to the longevity of the road.


    Asphalt pavement provides a smoother surface. A smooth surface reduces damage to the pavement, needing few repairs. It improves fuel efficiency and reduces wear and tear on vehicles, choosing asphalt a great economical decision. Finally, paving roads and highways with asphalt significantly reduces the noise generated by the tire/pavement interface providing for a quiet ride experience for the motorist.

    Faster Project Completions

    Paving with asphalt lessens the construction project time significantly. As a result, traffic flows more smoothly and the impact on commerce is minimized. Asphalt paving projects can be planned and carried out to take advantage of off-peak periods, like nights and weekends. 

    Asphalt is ready for traffic right after it is compacted and cooled, which means better traffic flow, minimized closures, and happier motorists.

    Economical and Adaptable

    Asphalt is a low-cost building material. It is less expensive, not just in actual cost, but also in terms of the time it takes to complete construction projects. 

    Asphalt can be designed to fit a specific purpose. It is a reliable weather resistance material and can be designed for low and high-traffic conditions.


    Asphalt’s safety feature is related to its smooth-like finish. It offers skid resistance and reduces splashback while providing a better visual distinction between road markings. Asphalt also keeps roads free from ice and snow.


    Asphalt is recycled material. It can be reused many times, and its life cycle never ends. Asphalt roads can be dug up and then reused again. 

    This makes asphalt a wise choice when choosing a road material. When you choose asphalt, you are preserving the natural resources by reusing the same material over again.

    Trusted Sealcoating Experts

    Sealcoating is one of the essential asphalt maintenance services that can be done to keep your asphalt pavement protected, safe, and long-lasting. It’s the ideal maintenance to protect and preserve your asphalt investment. 

    Over time, asphalt pavement is subject to deterioration. There is no way to avoid deterioration since it comes from water, oil, gasoline, chemicals, ultraviolet rays, and daily elements. The purpose of seal coating is to create a protective barrier against this mineral buildup.

    If you are looking for the top asphalt paving contractors in Lee’s Summit, Missouri to help with asphalt repair and maintenance, keep us in mind. Lee’s Summit Asphalt has years of experience providing residential and commercial asphalt services.

    Our top-of-the-line equipment, professional expertise, and commitment to excellent results have given us a reliable reputation as one of the top paving companies in Missouri. We are a premier local asphalt paving company. We have the knowledge, procedures, and resources to ensure that every service job is done correctly and on schedule. 

    We use our experience to get the job done right the first time in a timely, cost-effective manner. You can rest assured that this asphalt contractor provides you with the best asphalt services available.

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